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Welcome to Brain and Spine MedCity
An Initiative by Thanal Daya Rehabilitation Trust

At Brain and Spine MedCity, we are deeply committed to helping individuals on their journey to recovery following brain and spinal cord injuries. As an initiative by Thanal Daya Rehabilitation Trust, we aim to create a separate brand, providing specialized neurorehabilitation services to those in need while maintaining the same core values of compassion and excellence that Thanal Daya is known for.

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Empowering individuals to reclaim their lives through personalized and holistic neurorehabilitation, we champion community-based approaches that integrate cutting-edge technology and a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise.

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To be the beacon of innovation and compassion in neurorehabilitation, setting new standards in community-based care.

Our services

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Interventional pain & spasticity

This department specializes in minimally invasive procedures to alleviate pain and manage muscle spasticity, offering relief for individuals facing challenges in neurological health.


Through customized exercise programs and rehabilitation techniques, physiotherapy plays a crucial role in improving mobility, strength, and overall physical function for individuals recovering from neurological injuries.

Speech Therapist

Targeting communication and swallowing difficulties, speech therapy employs specific exercises and interventions to aid in the rehabilitation process for those recovering from neurological injuries.

Swallowing therapist

Specialized therapy addresses swallowing disorders, helping individuals regain safe and effective swallowing function after neurological trauma, minimizing the risk of complications, and improving nutritional intake.

Occupational therapist

Focused on enhancing daily living skills, occupational therapy supports individuals in regaining independence and adapting to challenges, promoting a higher quality of life following neurological trauma.

Conditions Treated


Pain Conditions


Areas of Impact

Community Rehabilitation

Our program for community rehabilitation strives to seamlessly reintegrate individuals into their lives before injury, covering various aspects such as work, school, home, and community activities.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Focused on assessing employability, identifying appropriate jobs, and delivering targeted upskilling, our vocational rehabilitation program empowers patients in their pursuit of professional endeavors.

Functional Independence

Giving priority to enhancing daily living activities, our functional independence program provides personalized interventions to improve overall functional capabilities.


Through collaboration with social workers, our awareness initiatives aim to educate patients about their rights, fostering a deeper understanding of their healthcare journey.

Caregivers Support

Committed to assisting caregivers, our program delivers specialized support, counseling, and guidance to ensure their well-being and effectiveness in their role.

Psycho-Social Counseling

Playing a crucial role in restoring psychological and emotional well-being, our psycho-social counseling services contribute to increased willpower for effective social reintegration.

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