Our Journey

In 2018, Brain and Spine Medcity took flight from the compassionate vision of philanthropists within the Daya Rehabilitation Trust. 

Fueled by a commitment to societal welfare, our journey began with Thanal’s 2017 initiative to establish specialized rehabilitation centers for brain and spinal cord injuries in resource-limited areas.This effort aimed to bridge the accessibility gap to immediate rehabilitation services, especially in developing nations like India, where the absence of neurorehabilitation services in current health policies and underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure posed significant challenges. 

Starting as a lone center in Kuttikattoor, Calicut, our network has grown to 13 centers across Kerala, impacting over 1300 lives by 2022. Guided by a philanthropic vision, our mission transcends barriers of creed and caste.

For over 15 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering individuals with neurological conditions and fostering holistic development for historically sidelined communities.

 Recognizing the lack of knowledge about stroke and rehabilitation services, we stand as a beacon of change, offering cost-effective solutions with estimates in Kerala at 60 to 70 percent less than the average patient spends in the UK or the US. Join us in this extraordinary venture as we continue to be a symbol of resilience, compassion, and hope, challenging the status quo of healthcare accessibility in developing nations.


Our Medical Specialists

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Why choose brain and spine?

Tailored Treatment Plans for Various Conditions

At our clinic, our expert rehabilitation team, comprising Physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, Speech and swallow therapists, and Clinical Psychologists, collaborates to craft personalized treatment plans designed to help you recover optimally. We specialize in assessments and rehabilitation services catering to diverse neurological conditions, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, spinal cord injury, and more.

Customized Care for Every Individual

Traumatic brain injuries range from mild concussions to severe cases with long-term challenges or fatal outcomes. Our comprehensive rehabilitation options offer hope to survivors by addressing changes in thinking, sensation, language, emotions, and physical abilities, fostering the journey towards reclaiming their lives.

A stroke can result in immediate and severe consequences, affecting memory, speech, vision, and movement. While stroke is a leading cause of disability globally, advancements in therapies offer survivors a chance at minimizing its effects. Immediate treatment is crucial to reduce brain damage, and our team is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to recovery.

Spinal cord injuries often lead to permanent changes in strength and sensations. Our treatments and rehabilitation services empower individuals to lead independent and productive lives despite the emotional and social challenges associated with spinal cord injuries.

Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders present various challenges, including shaking, stiffness, and difficulty in daily tasks. Our rehabilitation programs focus on enhancing patients’ abilities, promoting activity, and preventing falls, providing a comprehensive approach to managing these conditions.

Addressing Musculoskeletal Discomfort

  • Back Pain

Common causes of back pain, such as muscle strain or injury, are effectively addressed through holistic approaches, including medications, therapy, and interventional procedures. Our team emphasizes a comprehensive diagnosis to tailor treatments to individual needs.

  • Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, whether from rotator cuff injuries or arthritis, is diagnosed through a thorough examination. Treatment options encompass rest, physical therapy, pain management, and, when necessary, interventional procedures to alleviate discomfort and improve range of motion.

  • Knee Pain

Knee pain, stemming from injuries or arthritis, is addressed with personalized treatment plans involving rest, physical therapy, pain management, and, in certain cases, interventional procedures. Our approach aims to enhance mobility and alleviate symptoms, ensuring a tailored response to each patient’s needs.

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